Maestro Theatre Resources Instructional Bundle

Maestro Theatre Resources Instructional Bundle

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Our Maestro Theatre Resources Instructional Bundle includes the following individual resources from our store:

  • Lesson Plans
  • 100+ Activities and Games for the Body Voice Imagination
  • In the High School Cafeteria You Sat with the Whats
  • How to Score a Script and List of Action Verbs
  • Talk Theatre 333 Journal Prompts
  • Methods of Assessment
  • Substitute Lesson Plans 2 Weeks
  • Homebound and ISS Lesson Plans 6+ Weeks

The Lesson Plans include a unit outline with multiple concepts taught daily, and it's 100% compliant with Texas Essential Knowledge Skills. In addition to 204 daily lesson plans the resource includes:

  • Sample Classroom Rules and Contract
  • Suggestions for Working with the Reluctant Theatre Student
  • Maestro Performance and Project Critique Policy
  • Maestro Tips & Tools for Creating Project Groups
  • Encouraging Volunteering for Performance Order
  • Solutions for Grading the Absent Group Member
  • Support for Gifted and Talented & Special Needs Students
  • Designing a Commanding Image for the full package production
  • Terminology/Glossary

All of our instructional materials will be delivered electronically. You are limited to 2 downloads. Download and/or print immediately upon receiving your materials.

NOTE: Each time you open the file on a device directly from the Maestro Theatre Publications site you have effectively downloaded the file and used one of your two downloads. Only two downloads will be allowed in order to protect copyrighted materials.

There are no returns or refunds on any of our resources, so please contact us with questions prior to making a purchase.

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